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looking for talented people to join our team

亚马逊运营经理 运营经理

Job Description:

- Establish overseas online market strategy and develop e-commerce channels in accordance with emoi brand image;

- Identify market opportunities and develop online distribution channels through market research and organizing trade fairs;

- Responsible for client relationship and order management, actively introduce new products and selections into regional channels;

- Collaborate with internal and external partners to plan and implement supporting systems for e-commerce platforms and project;

- Collaborate various teams for marketing proposals and social media, promote brand awareness and influence;

- Carry out market and industrial research and share with the team;

- Regularly carry out evaluation for external suppliers, review and improve departmental SOP.



- Have passion for life, care for the environment and pursuit of creativity;

- Bachelor's degree or above in Business Administration, Marketing or related disciplines, strong business acumen and strategical thinking;

- 4+ years hands-on experience in overseas market development and e-commerce operation with solid understanding in fashion or lifestyle;

- Familiar with overseas e-commerce platforms and industrial trends, passionate about internet and social media;

- Open and sensible about culture, good understanding about emoi brand concept;

- Good project management skills, able to locate and solve problems efficiently;

- Excellent business communication and negotiation skills, good team player;

- Self-starter who actively seeks self development and possesses an open mind for learning;

- High level of English verbal and written communication skills, fluency in other foreign languages in a plus;

- Willing to travel.


Candidate who is interested in this position is required and highly appreciated to send your full Resume to hr@emoi.com. Personal data collected is solely for recruitment related purpose and will be treated in strict confidence.

亚马逊运营专员 运营专员


- 负责亚马逊 Amazon国外站点的运营管理,包括产品上架、维护和优化listing页面,制定产品关键词等,制定合理的销售计划;

- 处理客户订单,并跟踪订单进度,确保订单按时完成,提高Review的质量和数量;

- 与客户进行有效沟通,及时处理售前售后问题, 能妥善解决出现的各种争议,及时解决和减少客户的差评和Case;

- 收集、分析市场行情及竞争对手状况。

- 定期进行销售/库存/RMA等数据分析,及时调整销售策略,保持较好的库存周转率和安全库存。

- 完善店铺政策与制度,保持店铺的好评率和良好的信用度。



- 热爱生活,关注环境,追求创新;

- 本科及以上学历,二年以上Amazon(美国站)运营经验,能独立运营亚马逊站点,熟悉消费电子或生活方式类产品;

- 熟悉Amazon销售平台和流程,熟悉Amazon各种规则及推广工具使用,熟悉SEO推广;

- 富有好奇心及自我驱动能力,能持续学习成长,具有独立思维,有坚韧的品质;

- 良好的沟通技巧及团队协作能力,注重细节;

- 承受压力,能够面对新挑战;

- 英文良好。




海外销售经理 销售经理


- 根据公司的品牌形象及发展策略,开发、搭建海外市场渠道,推动品牌的全球发展;

- 负责通过市场调研和展会组织,识别、开发海外市场合作伙伴,建立各区域代理、分销渠道;

- 负责客户关系维护及订单管理,持续提升销售业绩,管理和优化海外物流;

- 与市场部合作,策划海外市场营销主题和方案,积极导入新产品和产品组合,提升品牌影响力;

- 与内外部伙伴合作,实现项目类型工作;

- 定期评估外部供应商,优化国际市场部门工作流程。


- 热爱生活,关注环境,追求创新;

- 本科或以上学历,5年以上海外市场拓展与客户开发实务经验,对生活方式和消费电子产品有的行业认知;

- 开放的文化感知度,能够良好理解 emoi 基本生活 品牌定位,具有极强的市场策略思维和商业敏感度;

- 极强的开发和搭建能力,系统的分析与规划能力,有渠道搭建及管理经验者优先;

- 杰出的商务沟通与谈判能力,良好的团队合作伙伴;


- 积极、开放的发展心态,强烈的自我提升意愿;

- 中英文流利,有其他外语能力更佳。




数字营销经理 营销经理

Job Description

- Design and implement integrated digital marketing strategy to strengthen the brand image and promote business.

- Develop comprehensive digital marketing plans and tactical programs.

- Manage digital marketing budget and digital advertising channels to maximize ROI.

- Work closely with Product Team to launch and manage online and social media campaigns.

- Increase monthly traffic to the site, drive business growth and new client acquisition.

- Develop appropriate procedures in continuously assess and improve the performance of all digital campaigns and come up with sound improvement plans.

- Ensure the effectiveness of the content delivery, consistent and customer centric.

- Identify and develop strategic partnership to be benefit to the company's brand and business growth.


- Have passion for life, care about the environment and pursuit of creativity.

- Bachelor's degree or above, major in Marketing, Business Administration, New Media or related disciplines.

- At least 5 years hands-on and practical experience in marketing with solid experience in digital marketing, especially be familiar with new media such as SNS, Weibo, Wechat, etc; preferably with minimum 3 years in managerial level.

- Proven track record of implementing large scale, ROI positive online acquisition campaigns.

- Experience in marketing data analysis is essential, understand of web technology and social media is a plus.

- Understand the latest trends and have skill sets covering the whole online marketing mix.

- Excellent market research and e-commerce experience, good copywriting skills.

- Ability to deal with multiple tasks / projects and work independently under pressure and able to meet tight deadline is necessary.

- Strategic and logical thinking, creative, self-starter with solid business acumen, strong project co-ordination, problem solving, analytical and management skills.

- High level of English verbal and written communication skills.

Candidate who is interested in this position is required and highly appreciated to send your full Resume to hr@emoi.com. Personal data collected is solely for recruitment related purpose and will be treated in strict confidence.

新媒体运营专员 运营专员


- 根据公司品牌形象及品牌发展策略,通过社交媒体数字营销方式传递品牌感受;

- 负责微信、微博运营工作,根据数字媒体计划进行内容编辑、审核、发布;

- 负责维护社交媒体平台的用户体验,提升用户数量及品牌忠诚度;

- 配合产品营销及渠道营销,负责新媒体营销活动的策划、执行及评估;

- 根据品牌发展及市场活动,规划与管理外部媒体及合作伙伴。



- 热爱生活,关注环境,追求创新;

- 认同 emoi 基本生活 品牌理念及生活方式,对 emoi 产品有良好的感知;

- 本科以上学历,一年以上新媒体管理经验,有生活方式品牌运营经验佳,优秀的应届毕业生亦可;


- 优秀的项目策划能力,文案编写能力强,热爱创意与沟通;

- 具备开放的视野以及灵活、快速的学习领悟能力,有独立思维,强烈的自我发展意愿;

- 良好的团队合作精神及责任心,追求细节完美;

- 良好的条理性与时间管理能力;





高级产品营销专员 营销专员

Job Description:

- Develop and drive the emoi message in to the market and internally throughout emoi acting as marketing's primary advocate for competitive marketing campaigns, including press releases, launch materials, customer presentations, videos, and sales training.

- Lead cross departmental efforts to design and implement new product design and new product introductions procedures.

- Building a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, industry players, trends, competitive strategies, technologies, standards, regulations and economics.

- Developing market segmentation that drives the understanding of unique customer needs within those segments where integration provides an advantage to emoi.

- Contribute to product recommendations after assessing customer and market requirements, new and existing technologies, current strategies, and branding and/or licensing opportunities.

- Product lifecycle management and portfolio rationalization for profitable product line execution.



- Have passion for life, care about the environment and pursuit of creativity.

- A bachelor's Degree or above with minimum 3 years of work experience in retail or fashion industry.

- Demonstrated proficiency in dealing with the conceptual requirements of developing and implementing marketing strategies.

- Proven initiative and the ability to define own workload and goals.

- Excellent project management, planning, and organization skills are essential.

- Outstanding communications skills (verbal and written) are required. 


Candidate who is interested in this position is required and highly appreciated to send your full Resume to hr@emoi.com. Personal data collected is solely for recruitment related purpose and will be treated in strict confidence.

电商运营经理 运营经理


- 负责公司官网商城、天猫商城、京东等线上电商平台的管理,以及线上推广、运营管理、活动策划等相关工作;

- 负责制定各渠道年度、季度、月度运营推广计划并执行, 负责跟踪评估线上活动效果,推动团队业绩增长,完成业绩目标;

- 分析统计运营数据,根据ROI、PV、流量、咨询率、转化率、推广效果等进行阶段性评估,发掘隐含问题,提出解决方案;

- 根据公司经营策略及业务需求,设置部门组织架构及岗位目标,合理优化业务流程,对员工进行绩效管理和培训,提升部门工作效率;

- 关注电子商务行业,收集市场信息,为电子商务总体战略制定提供相关依据。





- 5年以上互联网/电子商务行业同等职位工作经验,熟悉电子商务渠道整体运营、推广、策划工作,对国内电子商务行业现状有清晰认识;

- 擅于学习,有独立思维,有很强的自我驱动力;

- 良好的数据处理和分析能力;

- 良好的书面表达能力;

- 工作责任心强,良好的领导力和执行能力、沟通协调能力及团队合作精神;




天猫售后客服 售后客服


- 负责天猫/京东/官网等电商平台的售后咨询、答疑,带给顾客愉快的购物体验;

- 及时跟进货品发送及追踪物流信息,积极主动与顾客沟通;


- 负责审单、发货,做好退换货的处理,有效跟进订单情况;

- 定期汇总订单情况,分析不成交原因,发现问题,不断改善优化;



- 热爱生活,关注环境;

- 大专学历,二年以上电商售后客服经验,熟悉天猫/京东等电商平台购物流程;

- 具有很强的客户服务意识,良好的应变能力,能承受较大的工作压力;

- 良好的沟通表达能力,能与客户进行有效沟通;

- 正直、积极主动、工作细心、良好的团队合作精神及责任心;



五天制, 09:00——18:00




高级结构工程师 工程师


- 根据公司规划进行产品结构设计,支持产品的开发与实现;

- 与产品设计师紧密合作,进行产品内部结构设计和模具开发、改良,负责新产品3D结构设计和2D图纸,对模型与新结构进行可行性测试;


- 支持产品优化,为产品性能和品质改良提供参数和技术支持;

- 跟进产品新工艺、新技术和新装备的研究;



- 热爱生活,关注环境,追求创新;

- 热爱产品开发,专注度高,能全心投入工作,具备研究精神与对新事物的好奇心;

- 大专或以上学历,工业设计、机械设计、模具设计等相关专业,5年以上产品结构设计工作经验,熟练使用Pro/E, AutoCAD, Solidworks等软件,有小家电、智能产品结构开发经验者优先;

- 熟悉新产品开发流程,熟悉多种材料特性、模具结构和模具成本,产品注塑成本分析、产品安全标准;

- 擅于学习,有独立思维,有很强的自我驱动力;

- 较强的分析、规划和解决问题的能力,高度的责任心,良好的成本意识;

- 优秀的沟通协调能力,良好的团队合作精神。




高级电子工程师 工程师


- 参与产品开发前期电子方案选择、器件选型、评估拟定电子功能技术方案;

- 对产品相关器件的性能确认和封样,跟踪试产,分析和解决试产电子功能技术有异常的问题;

- 负责电子项目计划的拟订编写与技术资料的编写和输出;

- 跟进量产导入,分析研究和处理导入各阶段中的异常;

- 负责编制产品BOM表资料,样品承认资料等;

- 对售前、量产、售后反馈的问题给予技术支持。



- 热爱生活,关注环境,追求创新;

- 大专及以上学历,五年以上消费电子产品、LED灯具、音响产品、小家电等产品开发经验;

- 熟练运用蓝牙、wifi、zigbee等技术开发智能产品;

- 精通CSR、高通、安凯等芯片方案的设计与应用,熟悉各类传感器与运用,能独立完成原理图、PCB Layout、调试优化等工作;

- 熟悉相关产品测试标准及认证标准;

- 熟练使用Protel/PADS(PowerPCB)等绘图设计软件;

- 有良好的独立工作能力及系统性思维,良好的沟通协调能力,善于分析与总结,团队合作意识强;

- 开阔的视野和文化感知度,积极、开放的发展意愿和自我驱动力;

- 专注,责任心强,工作细致,能承受较强的工作压力,具有良好的团队合作精神。





高级采购工程师 工程师


- 与设计师、工程师及采购团队合作,负责电子产品新产品的开发、询价,议价以及制订合同;

- 搜索、开发新的供应商,对新供应商和现有供应商的评估与管理;

- 负责产品生产的货期跟进与质量和成本控制;


- 完成采购负责人安排的其他工作;



- 热爱生活,关注环境,追求创新;

- 大专或以上学历,5年以上电子类产品采购经验;

- 了解消费电子产品产品特性,熟悉产品生产过程及技术要点;

- 熟悉消费电子产品/智能产品及其材料特性,掌据主要原材料市的价格走向,对电子类产品市场有一定了解,具备成本分析能力;


- 有一定的产品开发及品质检验经验,具有产品成本核算能力者优先;

- 诚实正直,高度的责任心及良好的职业操守;

- 优秀的沟通表达能力及谈判技巧;

- 工作认真负责,能适应不定期出差。




采购助理 助理


- 下单并跟进、维护订单及大货生产、出货、付款的全过程;
- 核对订单的单价及相关的内容,跟进货期,送货资料的提交及货款的申请;

- 及时反馈订单跟进过程中的异常情况并协助解决,确保产品品质和订单交期;
- 定期评估供应商的准时交货率、品质表现,以及跟进供应商的改善情况;
- 与供应商核对账目,完成订单资料的整理及归档;
- 协助上级处理其他采购事宜;


- 热爱生活,关注环境;
- 大专及学历,2年以上采购跟单相关经验,有消费电子产品或小家电经验;

- 熟练采购流程,良好的沟通和协调能力,良好的成本意识;
- 熟练使用office办公软件,具备数据分析能力;

- 诚实正直,高度的责任心及良好的职业操守,团队合作意识强;

- 工作认真仔细,较强的抗压能力;




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